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Marianne Slotboom
Jul 5, 2022

As workplaces continue to make diversity and inclusion efforts a priority, the technology industry has struggled to keep up with society’s expectations. Studies have proven that a diverse team leads to strong innovation and a team with multiple perspectives is a standard characteristic for a team’s success. Our Women in Tech Program targets this need for diversity and is a step towards a positive future for the tech industry.

As successful and ambitious as women in tech are, they are bound to face several obstacles in their career. Some of these issues include difficulty in being heard, challenges in getting their ideas across, a lack of self-confidence, inability in getting a fair promotion, and overall difficulty in growing in their position. Many women may feel very unprepared for their career in tech, once they have entered the tech world, and it may seem like the issues women in tech face are out of their control. However, we have looked into a strong solution to give women the control over their success that they deserve.

Women in tech program | Yellow Training

Why a Women in Tech Program?

Because of the additional barriers women face coupled with the importance of having gender diversity in the workplace, we created the Women in Tech Program. We believe in women’s capabilities and strengths, and believe in this program’s ability to give women the confidence to utilize these skills to their fullest potential.

Women in tech have already proven their drive, strength, and intelligence, but taking their career to the next level requires extra effort and skill. Many of this extra effort and skill are areas they never would have known they needed to improve upon, which is why we believe in giving women the knowledge to create a path to their success.

Several women face difficulty in growing in their position or getting a promotion in a male-dominated world. While there is a lot of attention in drawing women to the tech industry, this momentum does not carry once women are settled in their jobs in tech. According to a study done by DataProt, women leave the tech industry at a rate 45% higher than their male counterpoints. Women deserve to be equipped properly to make their career in tech as successful as they are. Through our Women in Tech Program, women can learn which skills and strategies are necessary to master in order to achieve their goals. This program was created based on research and interviews from over 50 women in tech who provided their input into creating the most efficient and effective program.

How does the Women in Tech Program work?

The Women in Tech Program has several special aspects that have been implemented for the best results for our participants. The program takes an outside in approach, meaning participants are first provided the tools and examples and then second begin practicing it. Women have the opportunity to practice with a real actor during the sessions to immediately apply what they have learned from the research-based strategies. The Women in Tech Program also provides a safe and relaxed learning environment full of like-minded women. The community that is created out of this learning environment is one that is comfortable, positive, and empowering. You won’t be alone throughout this journey and will be able to share the experiences and thrive with the other women.

Once registered for the program, you will have a one-on-one conversation with a trainer to discuss your situation and goals for the program. Then begins the six online workshops with a small group of up to 10 participants. There are 2-hour online sessions happening weekly that build on confidence, strategies, and skills.  Every two weeks, a 1-hour integration session is scheduled where you are able to share your experience and receive extra support. After just the first workshop, you will be able to apply the new insights and tools and throughout the weeks you will start to approach your career like never before.

Women in tech program | Yellow Training

The Future of Women in Tech

As more women complete the Women in Tech Program, women will have more of a clear objective and career plan, understand how to communicate their messages, be more comfortable about being assertive, and executive positive self-promotion. We believe in the importance of having women in tech that are skilled, strategic, and confident. The time is now to act on gender diversity and give the women of the technology industry the boost they need to thrive in their workplace.

Ultimately, we believe in women, but also believe in the tech industry. Having women in the tech industry that are more skilled, strategic, and confident will lead to a more productive and innovate industry and world.


Marianne Slotboom
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Marianne Slotboom

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