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Women in tech Program
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For tech companies that want to secure that everyone feels free and comfortable to contribute.

Workshops that will help you building an inclusive culture:

  • How WEIRD are you?

Know your personal biases and learn how to handle in a cultural intelligent way.

  • How to align your international team?

Get some important guidelines for leading culturally diverse teams.

  • How to develop inclusive leadership?

Learn what it takes to empower everyone in your team.

  • How to make a career in tech in your own authentic way?

For women in tech: Develop the confidence, strategies and skills to grow in your position.

Conducting inclusive behaviors on a daily basis is the key to high performing teams.

Women in tech Program
Check out our 6-week Program for Women in Tech here. Our next program will start in September 2021. Register now if you want to secure your seat.
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For teams that – for any reason – are not performing to their potential and want to establish significant improvements.

Build a high-performing team

There might be various reasons why your team could perform better. That’s why this program is custom-tailored to your needs. We work together through 4 stages to help you establish a significant and long-term transition.

4-Step program for significant improvements


We analyze your situation and together we define the objectives that we later will use to measure the results. We make use of online questionnaires and conduct personal interviews to fully understand your current team dynamic.


We design the most suitable strategy for your team to reach the desired results, based on the latest insights of motivation and change management.


We bring your team to a higher performance level and define the activities that are essential to enhance long-term results.


We provide continued support through advice and small interventions until you have reached your results.

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Get your team on trackTeam effectiveness, Yellow training
Learn more about our methods
The way we work

What could be important improvements that lead to better results?

  • Trust within the team has increased.
  • Conflicts are being handled in a constructive way.
  • Improved goal-orientation of all team members.
  • The team is well aligned through a strong vision.
  • Roles and responsibilities are clear for everyone.
  • The culture is inclusive and everyone counts equally.
  • Listening to each other's ideas is the standard.


For leaders who want to bring their agile teams towards high performance.

Workshops that will support you on becoming a better leader:

  • How to make your leadership agile proof?

Know the 10 crucial motivators for your agile team and bring your team's performance to a higher level.

  • Tired of being a micro manager?

Learn how to trust and delegate and make your people grow.

  • Having ineffective meetings?

Learn to conduct better team meetings and get more out of your 1-on-1s.

  • Is your remote team losing alignment?

Learn how to keep the magic of connected remote teamwork


We are passionate about developing agile leaders.

Agile Leadership, Yellow trainingAgile Leadership ProofParticipant Agile Leadership Training


For team players who want to contribute to their fullest potential.

The workshops that might be right for you:

  • What is the color of your communication?

Learn how to adapt your communication style for bigger influence. Based on the DISC model.

  • How to get your ideas across?

Learn how to structure your communication and use storytelling to make people listen to you.

  • Want to be more capable of speaking up?

Learn how to become more assertive with the use of constructive feedback.

  • Avoiding conflicts is your problem?

Learn how to address differences positively and maintain good relationships.


We can help you to be a visible and constructive team player!

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