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For teams that – for any reason – are not performing to their potential and want to establish significant improvements.

Build a high-performing team

There might be various reasons why your team could perform better. That’s why this program is custom-tailored to your needs. We work together through 4 stages to help you establish a significant and long-term transition.

4-Step program for significant improvements


We analyze your situation and together we define the objectives that we later will use to measure the results. We make use of online questionnaires and conduct personal interviews to fully understand your current team dynamic.


We design the most suitable strategy for your team to reach the desired results, based on the latest insights of motivation and change management.


We bring your team to a higher performance level and define the activities that are essential to enhance long-term results.


We provide continued support through advice and small interventions until you have reached your results.

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Inspiring leaders and their teams

In this program, we bring teams to a deeper understanding of what their added value is related to the mission of your organization. We then align these collective goals with their individual values and objectives. Shared commitment is increased, which leads to higher productivity and superior results. Leaders learn how to inspire, equip and motivate their teams through a clear vision and transparent communication.

What could be objectives?

  • Improved goal-orientation.
  • Increased constructive communication.
  • Development of self-organized teams.
  • Alignment of personal qualities, roles and talents.
  • Improved trust-building and accountability.


 international teams that want to make their cultural diversity a competitive advantage.

Build a bright international team

In this program, we enhance intercultural understanding and give international teams the tools to collaborate constructively, using diversity to their advantage.

In our training sessions we define the answers to the following questions:

  • Who is WEIRD and what are our personal biases?
  • Where do our collaboration styles and expectations differ?
  • How to capitalize on intercultural diversity to foster creativity?
  • What guidelines can we establish for better team performance?


Preparing cultural intelligent leaders

Our training enables international leaders to enhance shared understanding and trust and apply strategies that increase effective collaboration.


Solid training in intercultural skills can make the difference between frustration or high performance.

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For leaders who want to develop towards an inspiring impetus for their agile team.

Agile Leadership Training

During highly dynamic and participative sessions, you will learn how to support agile, self-organizing teams and achieve better results. We work on key concepts and practical tools (based on the management 3.0 philosophy of Jurgen Appelo) and combine them with self-assessment exercises, practical dynamics, individual reflections and fun.  

Securing long-term results

Behavioral neuroscience insights show that continual practice is needed for integrating new behaviors and make them a habit. This is why our program consists of four 3-hour workshops  with a time interval of approximately 2 weeks in between. The sessions are personalized and impactful. During the time in between sessions, participants apply important insights and practice new behaviors. In the next session they share experiences and receive new input for continued development towards their goals. 

Coaching for leaders

Individual coaching is a personalized tool to help you develop an inspiring and impactful leadership style. We offer coaching within our training programs or separately. The coaching sessions can take place face-to-face, by Skype or similar channels.

We are passionate about developing agile leaders.

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For teams that want to come to an inspiring place and give a boost to their team spirit.

Bright team building in Barcelona

Barcelona is the place to be for exiting outdoor team building activities, with spectacular facilities like Camp Nou, beautiful beaches, mountains, architecture, nature and culture. Team building will fan the energy in the team, warm up the personal contacts and help rise team spirit to the top. We're happy to do this for you in inspiring environment as Barcelona.

Making a difference

Our professional expertise on leadership and team work will help you to turn these benefits into long-term results. We develop the team building program based on specific interests and characteristics of your team and also on the team’s development needs. Before, during and after the team building activities we will give you advice and support to ensure the positive effects won’t vain away in the daily projects afterwards.

We know what it needs to give an inspiring and long-term boost to your team spirit.

Contact us  for a specific proposal for your team.

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