For tech companies who want to ensure that everyone in their organization feels valued and can contribute to their fullest potential.

Workshops that will help you build an inclusive culture:

  • Increase Gender Equality in Your Team

Step 1. Creating Awareness. A 2-hour online and interactive workshop to create new insights and build knowledge regarding gender diversity.
Step 2. Contributing to gender equality. A 2-hour online workshop to give guidelines, develop and practice the necessary skills to build an inclusive team culture, with the focus on gender equality.

  • Tackle Gender-Based Harassment

A 2-hour interactive workshop to clarify what gender-based harassment is, and not is, and to give guidelines on how to act when your people notice gender-based harassment at the workplace.

  • Develop an Inclusive Culture in your International Team

Step 1. What is your situation? An online Assessment of the team.
Step 2. Workshops to create awareness about cultural differences in the way we communicate and collaborate.
Step 3. Workshops to help build inclusive skills for leaders and team members to make cultural diversity. to an advantage for the team.

Marianne Slotboom in International Team Training.Participants of Leadership Training.

prepare for your next career step

For women who want to make it easier for themselves to have a career in tech in their own authentic way.

At the end of this 6-week program you will possess the strategies, skills and confidence to grow comfortably in your position.

This is what you will learn:

  • The impact of body language.
  • How to say ‘no’ with a smile and feel good about it.
  • To create win-win situations.
  • Your personal barriers and how to overcome these.
  • Impactful techniques to let yourself hear.
  • The key skills to obtain more influence.
Participants of Yellow's online Women in tech program.
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Infographic of the 4 steps of the team building program.
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What could be important improvements that lead to better results?

  • Trust within the team has increased.
  • Conflicts are being handled in a constructive way.
  • Improved goal-orientation of all team members.
  • The team is well aligned through a strong vision.
  • Roles and responsibilities are clear for everyone.
  • The culture is inclusive and everyone counts equally.
  • Listening to each other's ideas is the standard.


For leaders in tech who want to be well prepared for their leadership role and achieve better results with their teams.

During this 8-week program you will learn the 10 key motivators for agile teams and bring your team's performance to a higher level.

This is what you will learn:

  • Giving Autonomy and stop micromanaging.
  • Supporting Growth and guiding career development.
  • Sharing relevant information in a structured way.
  • Listening to understand and value all perspectives.
  • Using your expertise in an inspiring way.
  • Prioritizing tasks and making the right decisions.
  • Giving Recognition in an explicit way.
  • Setting and communicating clear Objectives.
  • Being Open-minded and supportive of people's needs.
  • Giving actionable Feedback.

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Agile Leadership training, Yellow trainingAgile Proof Cards. Personal training material of Yellow.Participant Agile Leadership Training overseeing exercise result.
Communication & Collaboration

Develop influential teamplayers

For tech companies who want to enable all team members to contribute to their fullest potential and create high-performance teamwork.

The workshops that help develop great teamplayers:

  • Know the color of your communication.

Learn how to adapt your communication style for bigger influence and impact. Based on the DISC model.

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.

Learn how to capture the attention of your audience and get your message across.

  • Influencing & Consulting Skills.

Learn how to use your expertise and influence for better decision making.

  • Negotiation Skills.

Become a confident negotiator and get long lasting win-win results.

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