We are a team of international trainers and coaches and have worked for a great variety of organizations and clients that span locations and cultures. We also work for local companies, governmental organizations and multinational corporations. We collaborate with the European Commission and some of the most prestigious business schools in Europe.

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Sergi Bech

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Yellow. They have been able to adjust the content of the sessions to our needs and have worked at all times to be aligned with the objectives we had set for this training, continuously taking care to know and understand our needs. The feedback received from the participants has been positive. Action plans have been set up between sessions to apply what they have learned on a day-to-day basis and then share results / experiences in the following sessions. With Yellow our team improved their leadership skills through advice and different dynamics, both theoretical and practical. This support will undoubtedly allow our team to continue growing as professionals and as leaders.

Sergi Bech, CTO Atrápalo, Barcelona
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Heather Harrison

Yellow has been a fantastic support throughout the planning and execution of the leadership training for our leaders. Marianne's approach in helping me design the practical training our people needed worked fantastic for us. Our leaders are very enthusiastic with the learning outcomes and are eager to apply them on their day to day job. I will be thrilled to work together again for future training needs for our team!

Sylvana Sansone, HR Business Partner EMEA at Headway Digital, Barcelona
Yellow bright leaders
Heather Harrison

Yellow listened to what we were hoping to achieve with our training session, and set the gears into motion quickly to develop a custom and dedicated course to our team. They were able to effectively incorporate sections of priority, include engaging material and group activities, and support the attendees: both in a group setting and with one-on-one guidance. They ensured to recommend the appropriate amount of trainers to provide the support needed, and they exemplified professionalism, thoughtfulness, and positivity in all their interactions with our team. I would highly recommend Yellow: an agile, engaging, option to provide thorough attention to your Learning and Development training plans.

Heather Harrison, Talent Growth Director, Vivaldi Group, New York City, USA.
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Ovidio Cardona

My team has grown bigger, stronger and more reliable. I have not lost any single member instead got many more, and they help me to inspire the others to share what we learned with Yellow. I definitely recommend them personally, and surely will ask for their help again in the near future. I got to know Marianne when I was leading a global virtual team of IT Security Specialists. We were having a technical workshop in Barcelona and two intensive sessions with Yellow, with the aims:
1. Ensure that the team knows, understands and overcomes communication challenges; 2. Using the differences to enable the team for success breaching silos;
3. Help team members to become brothers in arms (engage, act, support and deliver as one team, one voice). This was several years back and they are still delivering success.

Ovidio Cardona, VP Global Cybersecurity Operations at SAP, Mannheim, Germany
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Kitty van Dijk

Yellow provided an integral training program for KPN Magnum, consisting of 4 modules in which we addressed topics like communication styles, constructive feedback, conflict handling and intercultural differences. The approach was very action-oriented and focused on our specific needs, which has contributed enormously to the value of the program. The trainer was well informed on existing methods and theories and used practical examples to make the training easy to apply in daily work. I highly recommend them.

Kitty van Dijk, HR Manager at KPN Magnum, Madrid
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Daniel Puga

With group dynamics and practical concepts Yellow helped us to reach our objective: to improve our relationship and increase trust within our team. We enjoyed two intense days of team training with the right atmosphere to get the best out of every team member and it has led to long-term constructive collaboration.

Daniel Puga, HR Manager Iberian Region at Nobel Biocare, Barcelona
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Andrea Werle

The teambuilding training was engaging, thought provoking, and fun. Working in an international team can present challenges, and even though we started with good relationships working together remotely, getting everyone together finally really built our team spirit, strengthened the bonds with our colleagues, and also showed us some areas where we could improve. Our team, though it crosses different cultures, time zones, personalities, etc. discovered we had one thing very much in common – perfectionism! We learned that our main challenge was over engineering our solutions to problems, and we need to learn when to stop and let go. Overall this was a great experience for the team, and some even stated it was the best team building exercise they have attended. Thank you for the excellent program, and we hope to work with you again in the future!

Andrea Werle, Global Director Cybersecurity Incident Management at SAP, Palo Alto, USA
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Petra van den Dries

Yellow provided a 2-day training course on teambuilding for us and one year later, the entire team, including myself, are still experiencing the benefits. The team improved significantly, especially in the interpersonal communication, the way they handle the workload and how they address responsabilities. Team members state they have learned a lot and developed significantly as a team. Compliments for the trainer!

Petra van den Dries, Teamleader at UWV, Eindhoven
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Augusto Sappia

The trainer was very well organized, active, participatory. She introduced practical content, which succesfully brought out our issues working in multicultural settings. I’ve learned a lot from a great professional!

Augusto Sappia, Participant Intercultural Session, Barcelona
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Naomi Williams

I would recommend Marianne to anyone who wants to have a clear view on personal changes they can make to function more effectively in a competitive, stressful environment. Her ´down to earth´analyses will give you the insights to enable you to change perspective; on yourself and on the situation at hand. She hands you practical tools that are extremely beneficial and you will be amazed how quickly you see the results. Marianne is an executive coach that helps you to make the intangible tangible!

Naomi Williams, Trade Officer at Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Barcelona
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Peter Heerschap

One of the best trainers I’ve ever met. Especially in the field of problem solving Marianne is capable of bringing a group of trainees to a much higher level. She is a type of trainer who makes time relative, before you know it is the end of the day. A very nice person with a lot of ambition and humor.

Peter Heerschap, Managing Director at TEM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Ferran Ferrandis

Marianne knows how to connect to her audience. She uses clear examples and shares her wide experience in a way that keeps the audience mesmerised. Since the beginning everybody collaborates under her attentive surveillance. Time flies away. She is one solid example of teaching with the right doses of theory, practice and fine sense of humour. If you are considering participation in one of Marianne's seminars my recommendation is to go for it. It will be a good investment.

Ferran Ferrandis, Head of DCI (Data Center Infrastructure) at T-Systems Iberia, Barcelona
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Jan Boon

While giving training with Marianne we both have more  fun. Her humor and the way she approaches the teams gets the best of all of us. People know where they stand and feel secure in their ability to grow. Marianne is the special combination of a critical spectator with a cordial encouragement; international allure with Dutch sobriety.

Jan Boon, RCI trainer at Endeavour, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Jo Koch

I have experienced the problem solving method Marianne taught our team as very pleasant. The way she came up with her own input (experiences) and asked the questions that enabled us to solve our problems was very special for me. You immediately feel her commitment to the subject matter and her very pleasant way of training. Me and my collegues appreciated very much her passion and how she managed to hold the attention of the group at any moment. I think it's great what she transmits, the way she has delivered the program. As a coach I find her attitude very inspiring and worthwhile developing in my own work. Thank you Marianne

Jo Koch, SHE Advisor at Stork a Fluor Company, Maastricht Area, The Netherlands
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