Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program for Tech Companies

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Leadership Program, Marianne Slotboom, CEO Yellow

Leadership Program

Improve your leadership skills in 8 weeks

Live Online Workshops
Time investment:
4 - 8 hours
Group size:
10 - 25 people
Any time
€2.600 and up
Live Online Workshops
Time investment:
4 - 8 hours
Group size:
10 - 25 people
Any time
€2.600 and up

Your company is growing and you need to attract talented people from all over the world, giving them the possibility to feel engaged and make them stay.

Your top priority is to create a safe and inclusive work culture in which every team member can grow and contribute to their fullest potential.

We guarantee you impactful workshops that help you build this engaging  work environment. It’s our expertise to create awareness about differences and biases, and help develop the necessary skills for highly inclusive teamwork that make people want to work in your company.

Online Sessions
8 weeks
Training hours:
8 - 10 hours
Group size:
10 - 12 people
Any time
€2.600 and up


Probably you are well aware that 83% of millennials are more likely to actively engage if their company fosters an inclusive workplace. Moreover, it also is well known that 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when evaluating opportunities.

But did you know this as well?

Largely inclusive companies are more likely to exceed their financial goals up to 120%

Research from McKinsey (2019, 2021) & Gallup (2020)

Diverse, talented people love to work in an organization where they can exchange their perspectives freely, receive support for their ideas, get inspired to be innovative, and can continue to grow. An inclusive environment drives the success of your organization.

Belinda Martinez, HR Manager Diversity & Inclusion, Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile

" Our collaboration with Yellow has been key for the success of our D&I Program implementation.

Since the beginning they have understood our needs, and adapt to our people. Their knowledge in this field as well as the use of last tech for online training has been fundamental for the great feedback received by our team members.

Thank you!

What are the results of our DEI training programs?

Our programs will give your organization:

And it is shown that personal benefits of an inclusive culture are:

Leadership Development Program - Become a better leader

What programs do we offer?

We help you build an inclusive workplace around 3 important topics:

Download the GENDER-BASED HARASSMENT program here

Download the GENDER EQUALITY program here

Download the CULTURALLY DIVERSE TEAMS program here

You are guaranteed:

Daniel Puga, HR Manager Iberian Region at Nobel Biocare, Barcelona

" With group dynamics and practical concepts Yellow helped us to reach our objective: to improve our relationship and increase trust within our team.

We enjoyed two intense days of team training with the right atmosphere to get the best out of every team member and it has led to long-term constructive collaboration.
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How do our programs work?

We know that every corporate culture is different and that it is important to address situations that people can relate to. A true inclusive workplace needs awareness, positive attitudes, knowledge and the skills to make everyone feel important.  

That is why our programs contain 3 important steps:

Leadership Training - Participante feedback Albert

Augusto Sappia, Participant Intercultural Session, Barcelona

" The trainer was very well organized, active, participatory.

She introduced practical content, which succesfully brought out our issues working in multicultural settings.

I’ve learned a lot from a great professional!


The price for a 3-step program, with an initial assessment of your company culture, and two 2-hour online workshops is € 2.600 or up, depending on your specific needs. 

VAT (21%) is not included in this fee.

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The trainers/coaches

Marianne and Jose are specialized in Diversity & Inclusion Programs,
and have more than 15 years of experience in this field.

We are specialized in working with tech companies.

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Frequently asked questions

When does the program start?

On February 26th we will have the kick-off for the program. We will get to know each other and explain all the logistics and the way we work. The first content session will take place on March 2nd.

What is the time schedule for the program?

The 2-hour sessions will take place on Tuesday, from 18h00-20h00.
The 1-hour sessions will take place on Friday, from 16h00-17h00.

Do you recommend a specific order to build on Diversity & Inclusion?

This depends on what is most important for your company right now. There is no specific order in addressing the topics.

For whom is this program?

This program is for corporate teams who find it important to build an inclusive work environment in their team or organization.

Can we start the program without an initial assessment of the company culture?

Yes, that is possible. Nevertheless, in order to make a culture-fit program and address the concerns and reality of your company we highly recommend to do this assessment.

What is the fee for the initial assessment?

The full assessment, which consists of online questionnaires and a maximum of 8 one-on-one interviews has a fee of € 800.

What if people already did courses on parts of the content?

This program is about little theory and a lot of reflection, sharing and practicing. The added value lays in the team, building this inclusive work environment together. Apart from this, the program will be customized to your specific needs to avoid overlap with previous training.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Normally we don’t record the sessions. We work in an open atmosphere of sharing and practicing with the people who are present. We love to protect this personal climate. Only if everyone agrees, we record a session.

Is it possible to make a special program for HR and/or the Leadership Team?

We have developed special programs for HR and Leadership Teams, knowing that they have an important role in creating inclusive cultures. We are happy to do this for you as well.

Can we organize sessions for bigger groups?

That is very well possible for the awareness sessions, although you will lose some impact. In case of the skill building sessions, we recommend working with two trainers if the group is bigger than 12 people.

Do you have another question?

Please let us know by sending us an email.

Another question you would like to be answered?

Ferran Ferrandis, Head of DCI (Data Center Infrastructure) at T-Systems Iberia, Barcelona

" Marianne knows how to connect to her audience. She uses clear examples and shares her wide experience in a way that keeps the audience mesmerised.

Since the beginning everybody collaborates under her attentive surveillance. Time flies away. She is one solid example of teaching with the right doses of theory, practice and fine sense of humour.

If you are considering participation in one of Marianne's seminars my recommendation is to go for it. It will be a good investment.

Start organizing your Diversity & Inclusion Workshops now!

Stay ahead of the curve by creating an inclusive work environment where your people feel engaged and can contribute to their fullest potential, and in turn attract diverse talent that will contribute to your organization's success.

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