Marianne Slotboom

In 2015, Marianne founded Yellow with the aim to contribute to the need for more inspirational and practical training that makes a real difference in the effectiveness of teamwork. In a digital world, the new challenge is that highly skilled innovators, entrepreneurs and critical thinkers are able to work together in a constructive and agile way in order to make organizations and our society more successful.

As a trainer with a background in management consulting, she is experienced in working in stressful environments and companies that span locations and cultures. She is convinced that workplaces can be more fun if people are able to work together in an inspirational way, using constructive feedback and creativity to build high-performance teams.

Born in Rotterdam, Marianne first came to Barcelona in 1998, chasing her dream to live in an exciting Mediterranean metropolis. Her mission is to offer practical, facilitative training sessions that make a real and immediate difference in the participants and companies she works with.

She is licensed in Social and Organizational Psychology from Leiden University, with a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and Organizational Strategy from Erasmus University, the Netherlands. She is also certified in proven methodologies, such as transactional analysis, Ned Herrmann (HBDI), NLP, the case study methodology, transformational coaching, competence focused interviewing and problem solving by RCI. Yellow's excellence lies in the strength of its team, experienced and qualified professionals with a plethora of international clients, all successful in their respective fields.