These seven dopamine shots improve performance and well being

Marianne Slotboom
Dec 16, 2021

Neuroscience investigations show the positive effect of dopamine for our well-being and performance. In our brain we have a reward system, a group of structures that – when exposed to a rewarding stimulus react by increasing the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which makes us feel good.

In addition, dopamine is important for your concentration and productivity.

Good news: you can influence the release of dopamine yourself. In this article we mention the seven most common ways to induce dopamine shots to improve your performance and raise a sense of wellbeing.

1. Go outside regularly

Nature, the sun, walking through a park, breathing fresh air can positively influence your dopamine release. That is why it is recommended to enjoy consciously being outside at least half an hour every day. If you have the possibility, go to nature, it is the best way to feel better. 

2. Move

Although exercise mainly influences your endorphin release fortunately there appears to be a relationship with the dopamine release as well. Therefore, try to exercise enough daily. And enough exercise – at least30 minutes of intense physical exercise per day - is not only good for your dopamine content, but your heart and blood vessels also benefit. 

Improve performance and well being

3. Enough sleep

In the morning the brain appears to release more dopamine and in the evening this release decreases. This is a normal human rhythm. If you sleep too little, it appears to have a dramatic effect on the availability of dopamine receptors. This is again accompanied by less concentration. Good sleep hygiene ensures a natural dopamine balance. In general, you should have at least 7 hours sleep per day.

4. Music

This is my favorite dopamine shot. I experience more fun andI feel better when I listen to my favorite music. Fortunately, this phenomenon is also proven by scientific research. Listen to your favorite music daily. It doesn’t matter which music. One person gets the dopamine shot by means of punk music and the other from classical music. I get it from soul music from the seventies. 

5. Enjoy your meal

Good food cannot be missed in this list. Paying attention to your food and enjoying your meal also has a close relationship with the reward response.

6. Cut your big tasks into small tasks

Dopamine also appears to be released with smaller rewards.It is therefore useful to divide your activities into smaller tasks. Every time you have completed a task, you tack it. This stimulates the reward feeling.Even more, if you then really get your big task completed, you get a super dopamine shot.

7. Food that induces dopamine

Dopamine is produced in the body from the amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine can in turn be produced in the body by the amino acid phenylalanine. Even if it is not immediately proven that your reward network is activated by consuming enough food rich in tyrosine and phenylalanine, it cannot hurt either. Phenylalanine and tyrosine are found in almonds, avocados, bananas, dairy, legumes, seeds, nuts, lean red meat, chicken, turkey, sea food and tofu.


Dopamine shots can help you change your behavior as well. In the past, we thought that it was mainly intrinsic motivation that helped us change habits. We now know that organizing rewards actively can also help you with behavioral change. If you feel good, you are more inclined to change. In addition, dopamine itself ensures faster production of new neural connections.  

How to find out? Just do it and experience.

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Marianne Slotboom
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Marianne Slotboom

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