Leadership Program for Leaders in Tech

Improve your leadership skills in 8 weeks

Leadership Program, Marianne Slotboom, CEO Yellow

Leadership Program

Improve your leadership skills in 8 weeks

Live Online Sessions
8 weeks
Time Investment:
8 - 10 hours
Group size:
10 people
Any time
€3.000 and up
Live Online Sessions
8 weeks
Time investment:
8 - 10 hours
Group size:
10 people
Any time
€3.000 and up

Your company is growing and your teams need qualified managers to perform at their best. To ensure sustainable growth you realize that leadership development is a priority.

We expertly help you organize a customized leadership training that yields quick results.

Online Sessions
8 weeks
Training hours:
8 - 10 hours
Group size:
10 - 12 people
Any time
€2.600 and up

Inspire your team to high performance

Tech companies that grow fast tend to start too late with the organization of leadership skills programs.

In general, new team leads have little experience and might be struggling with their role as a leader, which has its effect on the team.

65% of employees would rather have a new manager than a pay raise.

Don’t wait until your teams get frustrated by the lack of results. Help your leaders build the skills that enable them to confidently lead and inspire their team towards high performance.

Sergi Bech

Sergi Bech, CTO Atrápalo, Barcelona

" Yellow customized the content of the sessions to our needs, continuously taking care to understand our needs and be aligned with our objectives.

Action plans were set up between sessions to be able to apply what they have learned on a day-to-day basis to then share results / experiences in the following sessions.

Participants have given positive feedback, and their leadership skills have improved.

What are the results of this leadership training?

This leadership program enables participants to become confident leaders, build a positive, engaging and inspiring atmosphere in their team, resulting in a high-performancing team and sustainable growth.

At the end of the leadership workshop, team leads will:

It is shown that other positive outcomes for the leaders are:

Leadership Development Program - Become a better leader

Why is our leadership development program more effective than others?

We know that your biggest problem is lack of time, and a high workload.
You need quick results with little time investment.

Therefore Yellow focuses on what really matters, using time efficient and simple practical tools which results in immediate improvement, and happy and confident leaders.

We use a format that makes the learning very practical, and always focused on the work reality.

The participants learn through practice and feedback:

You are guaranteed:

Sylvana Sansone

Sylvana Sansone, HR Business Partner EMEA at Headway Digital, Barcelona

" Yellow has been a fantastic support! Marianne's approach in helping me with the design and execution of the practical training that our leaders needed was fantastic.

Our leaders are very enthusiastic with the learning outcomes and are eager to apply them on their day to day job.

I will be thrilled to work together again for future training needs for our team!

What are the skills we will work on during this leadership program?

There are 10 key research based skills that are highly important for leaders of agile teams, and these are the focus of the Leadership Program.

This is what participants will learn:

Leadership Priciples | Leadership Development | Yellow Training

How does this leadership skills program work?

  • Initial analysis
    Before the start of the program we conduct an online self-assessment on the 10 key skills for agile leaders in tech.
  • Custom-fit
    Based on the results of the self-assessments, we develop a custom-fit program.
  • Small groups
    We work with a group of maximum 10 participants to enable individual support.
  • Four online sessions
    The program is organized in four 2-hour, online sessions with a clear focus on the learning needs of the participants.
  • 8 weeks
    The four sessions are organized in a time period of 8 weeks.
  • Learning on the job
    ‍Already after the first session, participants start applying the new insights.
  • Individual guidance
    Within the sessions, participants share what they applied, receive feedback, guidance, and new - practical - tools to continue improving their leadership skills.
  • Personalized methods
    Learning methods are adjusted to the learning styles of participants.

Contacts us to learn more about the possibilities for your organization.

Leadership Training - Participante feedback Albert

Albert, Leadership Program participant

" Initially I was not that sure about the takeaway from the program besides getting to know my colleagues a bit better, but when I started applying the tool for giving constructive feedback, the atmosphere in my team improved quickly, and people felt free to come up with new ideas and solutions for the problems we had.

Since that experience, I became very enthusiastic about the program and have been applying more of the tools that were given.


The fee for this impactful and customized online leadership skills program, with a maximum of 10 participants is €3.000 or up (depending on specific adjustments or needs for your organization).

The fee includes all alignment meetings, materials, and personalized email contact with participants in between sessions.

VAT (21%) is not included in this fee.

Lionel Ferder

Lionel Ferder, Project Leader at Lemonade Software

" Yellow provided a leadership course tailored to our needs by first getting to know the participants, and then designing a training program that would suit us.

The sessions provided by Marianne included real life examples, theoretical knowledge and practical exercises of situations a leader can encounter in the real world.

I can highly recommend the course to any group of technical leaders trying to improve their leadership skills and communication with their team.

The trainers/coaches

You will learn from two trainer-coaches with more than 15 years of experience.

Marianne Slotboom and Jose Powell are both experts in Leadership skills programs and work with international companies that span continents and cultures.

We are specialized in working with tech companies.

Leadership Program Agile Proof

Frequently asked questions

When does the program start?

On February 26th we will have the kick-off for the program. We will get to know each other and explain all the logistics and the way we work. The first content session will take place on March 2nd.

What is the time schedule for the program?

The 2-hour sessions will take place on Tuesday, from 18h00-20h00.
The 1-hour sessions will take place on Friday, from 16h00-17h00.

How will participants get personal support?

As we will work with a group of maximum 10 participants, team leads will have the possibility to talk about their personal experience, bring in their questions and situations, get feedback and individualized tips to work with.

What is the program for the 4 sessions?

The program is customized for every group, based on the outcome of the initial self-assessments, but we will always make sure we address the 10 key leadership behaviors for leading agile teams. In this article on our Insights Blog you will find a description of these 10 leadership principles.

What if participants already did courses on some parts of the content?

This program is about little theory and a lot of reflection, sharing and practice. Although people already have had training in some skills, they will always be able to bring their personal skills to a higher level. Nevertheless, the program is customized and this way important overlap of theory and tools can be avoided.

Will the sessions be recorded?

We don’t record the sessions. We work in an open atmosphere of sharing and practicing with the people who are present. We love to protect this personal climate.

What if people don't have a leadership position yet?

That is not a problem. This program can be an excellent way of preparing people for their new position and they will always be able to share situations from previous jobs or personal situations. It’s good that you start investing in leadership skills for future positions.

Is there a minimum hours for assistance?

No. Although we recommend participants to attend all sessions in order to follow the step by step progress and get the best out of this program.

Can we organize sessions for bigger groups?

That is possible. We recommend working with two trainers in case the group is bigger than 15 people. Although it is possible to organize a leadership workshop for bigger groups, the impact on personal learning goals will decrease and elements of the customized way we tend to work will be lost.

Do you organize 1-on-1 coaching for leaders?

Yes. There is a possibility to receive additional 1-on-1 coaching during, after or independently of this leadership program. If you want more information about our coaching services, please book a call or write us an email with your question.

Do you organize this program on location?

Yes, we do. There will be an additional fee for in-person training sessions and in this case we advice to organize 2,5-hour sessions.

Do you have another question?

Please let us know by sending us an email.

Another question you would like to be answered?

Heather Harrison

Heather Harrison, Talent Growth Director, Vivaldi Group, New York City, USA.

" Yellow listened to what we wanted to achieve, and quickly developed a custom training for us.

They were able to effectively incorporate sections of priority, include engaging material and group activities, and support the attendees: both in a group setting and with one-on-one guidance.

They exemplified professionalism, thoughtfulness, and positivity in all their interactions with us.

I would highly recommend Yellow: an agile, engaging option to provide thorough attention to your Learning and Development training plans.

Start organizing your leadership program now!

If you want your leaders to feel more confident in their position, be well prepared for their leadership role and get better results with their teams.

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