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Marianne Slotboom
Jul 11, 2022

The Next Generation of Tech

Why should businesses want to hire more women in tech? What is in it for them? Studies show there are many benefits to hiring more women in tech departments. With society demanding more systemic change toward inclusion and equality, companies should want to become more diverse and hire individuals from underrepresented communities. According to DataProt, big name tech institutions such as Apple, Google, and Facebook, have roughly the same ratio of male and female employees with 70% of their workforce being male, and the other 30% female. However, the Girl Scout Research Institute found that 74% of female teens express interest in STEM. With this overwhelming influx of young women interested in careers related to tech, companies should be itching at the chance to hire more women with unique perspectives and advance the company further.

Women Benefit Businesses Financially

Studies also show that gender diversity is beneficial to companies financially. According to an article done by Iron Hack, a survey of over 22,000 firms showed that firms with at least 30% female leadership were associated with a 1% increase in net margins. This margin resulted in a 15% increase in profitability. With more diversity in leadership positions, whether it be gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or anything in between, a company’s hiring process is less likely to be discriminatory. The team is also bound to be more successful as more diversity leads to innovative and unique ideas, greater team support, and reduces unconscious biases in the workplace and beyond.

We Are Here to Support You

Beginning, or transitioning into, a career in tech as a woman can be intimidating, but there are many institutions and organizations that provide effective, affordable, and life changing programs to women and other marginalized groups to enhance their tech careers. These readily available programs are here to help women gain more confidence in themselves and feel empowered to take the next step. Yellow Training offers just that. The Yellow Training Women in Tech program is here to support ambitious women who are looking to be more visible within their field and teaches them to properly communicate, get well compensated, and network better. Being a woman in tech can make you feel outnumbered, but you are not alone. These programs and initiatives are here to support you and guide you down a path of confidence and success.


Marianne Slotboom
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Marianne Slotboom

Marianne is a strategic partner and practical developer of human behavior that helps leaders, teams and organizations become more focused and effective, elevating their value to customers. In 2015, Marianne founded Yellow Training to answer the call for more inspirational and creative leadership in the modern workplace.

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