Find your authentic way in tech.
6-Week Online
Program for Women in Tech
Marianne Slotboom and Jose Powell
 Join this group program and get in-depth support to develop the confidence, strategies and skills that help you to boost your career in the tech world in your own authentic way.

Why do some women make a career in tech and others not?

It is investigated that being part of a minority, which for most women in tech is the case, can affect your self-confidence and make you more vulnerable. At the same time, it is often more difficult to be heard and get your ideas across.

So, even when you are a good team player or you do an excellent job,

You need to make an extra effort to become visible and be promoted.

What I know from my experience is that women who make a career in tech are not just lucky. In most cases these women are good at some important things, they: 

  1. Have a clear objective and career plan.
  2. Know how to get their message across.
  3. Are comfortable about being assertive.
  4. Execute positive self-promotion.

It is great that there is a lot of support to get more women in tech. But once you are inside, it requires good skills and strategies to achieve your goals.

This is your opportunity to follow a program with women in a similar position and receive support on all your challenging situations to help you grow in your position.

You don’t have to do it alone!

Do not wait until the next man is being promoted. 

Laura OránWomen in Tech Program
“As a developer, it was very important for me to improve my soft skills and I am grateful that I found this program and that it was specific for women. With the Women in Tech program from Yellow, I have learnt how to be more confident about myself in a lot of work situations like negotiations, dealing with conflicts and making my opinions being heard in meetings. Doing this together with a group of women in a similar position, helped me to achieve my goals in an open and safe space.” Laura Orán García, Software Engineer, Xing

How do you prepare yourself for a successful career in tech?

A lot of women already have accepted that it needs an extra effort to make a career in tech, but at the same time, they want to do this in their own authentic way.

This is what it needs!

It is not about fitting in and adjusting to the men’s way of doing things. Instead, you want to be yourself and bring your authentic strengths into the tech environment. We are convinced that more female influence will make it a better place for men and women.

In this program you will prepare yourself for this career in your own authentic way.

More specifically, this is what you will learn:

Maybe this feels like almost impossible to learn in 6 weeks. But we have created a step by step program in which the sessions build upon each other.

Are you ready to take charge and do it your way?

Program for Women in Tech by Yellow

Research based Program

During the last half year, I have interviewed over 50 women in tech. Based on their ideas and comments, we created this program. It contains the special strategies and skills that you will need to obtain more influence in tech and grow in your position.

For who is this Women in Tech Program?

This program is for you if you want to start preparing yourself for a successful career in tech, if you want to feel more comfortable in this world, or when you want to obtain more influence in your own authentic way.

Join us for this impactful group program where you’ll get direct support, guidance and will share your experiences with other women in tech during 6 intensive weeks.

You don’t have to wait until the end of the program; you can start applying the new insights and skills immediately after the first week of the program.

Why a program specially for women?

Why should women take an extra effort, men don't have to change?

We surely need men to do some reflexión to beat personal unconscious biases. At the same time, if you don't experience the problem, changing the situation is not a priority. When we can make them aware of it through constructive assertiveness, it will change their perspective with our help.

Do we honestly still need this in 2021?

Yes, unfortunately it is still needed. In the last decades, women have made almost no progression as it comes to gender equality. It is calculated by the European Commission that the pay gap has only decreased just under 2% over the last 8 years. The reasons: fewer opportunities and fewer promotions. Apart from a lot of other initiatives, like equality plans, this program is still needed as an extra support for women.

Aren’t we excluding men?

This is a good point. We are not in favor of excluding men in this process of emancipation. On the other hand, in our previous programs we have experienced that it has many advantages to be in a group with only women and exchange experiences and strategies to handle the fact of being a minority. The identification with the situations is very high this way.

Jacqueline BerghuisWomen in tech Program by Yellow
“Improving skills and sharing experiences with a group of like-minded women was great! Apart from practicing myself, to see others practice was very powerful. As an UX designer it is important to get your message across and I am grateful that I could bend the general rules to my personality. Marianne and Jose created the ideal atmosphere to open up without hesitation. The program was carefully built up and tailored to the needs of the group and individual person. The opportunity to practice with an actor was fun.” Jacqueline Berghuis, UX/UI Designer - Brand Designer, Freelance

Start growing in your position right now

At their mid career, women leave tech more than twice as much as men, why?

Great part of these women are unhappy with three important things: they have a lower salary, they have fewer career possibilities and they don't like the way they are managed.

Don’t wait until you get frustrated in your position.

If you work together with us during this 6-Week Program, you will:

What is special about this program?

This program contains 3 important pillars that will help you to achieve your goals:

To act upon your needs
To grow in your position
To obtain more influence

Moreover, you will practice impactful body empowering dynamics in each session.

What we have discovered during our first edition is that the body empowering dynamics we did, boosted the participant’s capability to put the learned skills and strategies immediately into practice, in their own authentic way.

How will we work?

So if you want to invest in yourself, feel more confident in your position and start preparing yourself for a successful career in tech, this is the program designed for you.

You can download the detailed Program here.

Take action and join this program now. Make sure you receive all the insights, guidance, support and skills you need to make it work for you.

Overview of the Program

During every session, we will work on the 3 pillars of the program:
Confidence: Building the self-confidence to act upon your needs.
Strategies: Using the strategies to grow in your position.
Skills: Practicing the skills to obtain more influence. 

KICK OFF SESSION - February 26th, 16:00 -17:00h
Introduction, getting acquainted, logistics of the program.

On empowerment and reaching your goals…

Workshop Session - March 2nd, 18-20h
Integration Session - March 5th, 16-17h

On being assertive...

Workshop Session - March 9th, 18-20h
Integration Session  - March 12th, 16-17h

On being a good negotiator.....

Workshop Session - March 16th, 18-20h
Integration Session - March 19th, 16-17h

On communication -  getting your message across....

Workshop Session - March 23rd, 18-20h
Integration Session  - March 26th, 16-17h

On creating your personal brand…

Workshop Session - March 30th 18-20h.
Integration Session - March 31st, 18-19h

On creating your plan for the future…

Workshop Session - April 6th, 18-20h.
Celebration Session - April 9th, 16-17

Choose the package that is right for you.

Take action and join this program now. Make sure you receive all the insights, guidance, support and skills you need to make this career in your own authentic way.

Women in Tech Program
6-week Group Program
€ 697
Payment plan available
€ 374 a month for two months.
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Women in Tech Program
6-week Group Program
plus 4 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching during the program.
€ 997
Payment plan available
€ 535 a month for two months.
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Kitty van DijkWomen in Tech Program by Yellow
“Just finalized the last session of the Women in Tech Program from Yellow | Soft Skills for Tech and I like to share my main take away: the importance of body awareness to increase influencing skills. Self-awareness = body awareness + cognitive awareness =self-confidence. And self-confidence + strategy + skills as the pillars to increase impact.

The beautiful ladies Marianne Slotboom and Jose Bhanu Powell managed to integrate the concept of embodied learning in a very practical 6 week program. It was fun, it brought me new insights how to approach negotiation + influencing and we had lots of opportunities to practice and embody the new skills in a very nice group of tech professionals. Thank you Yellow, thanks Marianne & Jose and thanks to the other participants!” Kitty van Dijk, Co-Active Professional Coach in Training

Should you really invest in your career right now?

It may look like not being urgent, you can always decide later. But at the same time, you as well could start now with feeling more comfortable and empowered in your work. Why wait?

You can decide not to invest in yourself now and nothing will change in the short term.

Or you can step up, decide that this is the moment and start developing these strategies and skills within the next coming weeks.

You are the only one who can make the choice to put yourself out there and create the changes for yourself.

We will support you step by step and help you grow.

If you are ready….. 

Then join us now and obtain the confidence, strategies and skills to find your authentic way in the tech world.

Frequently asked questions

When does the program start?

On February 26th we will have the kick-off for the program. We will get to know each other and explain all the logistics and the way we work. The first content session will take place on March 2nd.

What is the time schedule for the program?

The 2-hour sessions will take place on Tuesday, from 18h00-20h00.
The 1-hour sessions will take place on Friday, from 16h00-17h00.

Will I get personal support?

As we will work with a group of maximum 10 participants, you will receive personal support and you will have the possibility to share your personal goals, situation and progress.

What is the program for the 13 sessions?

In this pdf you will find the full program for the 6 weeks. DOWNLOAD PROGRAM

What if I already did courses on some parts of the content?

This program is about little theory and a lot of reflection, sharing and practice. Although you already have had training in some skills, you will always be able to bring your personal skills to a higher level.  

Will the sessions be recorded?

We don’t record the sessions. We work in an open atmosphere of sharing and practicing with the people who are present. We love to protect this personal climate.

What if I don't have a job in tech right now?

That is not a problem. You will always be able to share situations from previous jobs or personal situations to practice. It’s good that you continue investing in yourself for your next job.

Is there a minimum hours for assistance?

No. Although we recommend to be there all sessions in order to follow the step by step progress and get the best out of this program.

Is there a refund policy?

This online 6-week program has a no refund policy. We are convinced that when you attend all our sessions and you follow the steps of the program, you will make great progress on the goals you define at the beginning of the program. The program is packed full of value, insights and exercises. You can practice and you will get the personal support you need because of the small group. All you have to do is attend the sessions, participate, take action and trust the process.

Do you have another question?

Please let us know by sending us an email.

The trainers / coaches

You will learn from two career coaches with more than 15 years of experience.

Marianne Slotboom and Jose Powell are both experts in Diversity and Inclusion programs and work with international companies that span continents and cultures.

They are specialized in working with tech companies.

Some of the companies they worked with:
Typeform, Wallapop, Criteo, Xing, Atrápalo, Headway, Thoughtworks, King, Ubisoft.

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