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In collaboration with Gameloft Barcelona!

➤ You will learn the importance of having a diverse workplace for team performance.

➤ You will become aware about your personal biases.

➤ You will learn how to make diversity work at the workplace.

➤ You will have guidelines on how to create inclusive teams.

➤ You will know what YOU can do to build together.

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Special attention will be given to gender diversity; the filters people tend to use regarding gender differences and how to beat these.

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Discover your own personal biases and become an inclusive team player.

Date: May 25th, Time: 6:00 – 7:30 pm CEST
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Yellow | Soft Skills for Tech
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Inclusive cultures by Yellow
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What to expect?

During this 90 minute, interactive workshop we will address the following topics:

1. Why inclusive work cultures are important?
You will be informed about the latest investigations on DEI and how an inclusive culture impacts on team performance.

2. How inclusive are you?
We will address stereotypes, reflect on personal biases, cultural differences and gender bias. Through interactive dynamics and debates you can discover your own bias.

3. How to create an inclusive work environment?
We give guidelines, suggestions, best practices on how to create inclusive workplaces.

4. What can you do?
What are strategies that you can use to become more inclusive? We will exchange ideas within smaller groups and define some personal actions.

We are building inclusive workplaces, together!

Jose Powell and Marianne Slotboom are experts on Diversity and Inclusion projects in tech companies. They worked with organizations like Dell, ADP, Ubisoft, Typeform, Xing and many more. They will share their 15 years’ experience with you and are happy to support you on your journey to becoming amore inclusive team player.
Yellow | Soft Skills for Tech
Barcelona -
Building Inclusive Cultures, together!
Will be announced soon.
Date, 18:00 – 19:00h CEST
Some spots left!
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