Carlos Santín

Carlos is an Electrical Engineer with 20 yr. of experience in Software Development. He holds a Master in Mobile Communications and since several years he is a certified Project Management Professional and Scrum Product Owner. He has held several management positions in tech companies.

During several years he has been dedicated to mission-critical Software Development and Project Management. Lately he is also focusing on modern People, Organizational and Change Management for Tech companies. He also delivered training and coaching for Agile teams.

His specialities go from classic Project Management to Agile/DevOps frameworks and the creation and management of scalable and sustainable IT teams. He acts also as coach for IT managers and executives.

He has worked at different company levels, from internationally distributed development teams to executive areas and international company integrations. With his focus in Agility, and Time Management, his mission is to make a business world which is agile, effective, sustainable and more human.

Carlos is passionate about music and audio. His first love in music was the electric bass guitar, which he still plays in different bands. He loves as well classic cars, espresso coffee and cats, not necessarily in this order.